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Smart Energy Management

Smart Energy Management

The effective use of energy is not only imperative to sustainable development, but can help business and homeowners cutdown costs by achieving optimum energy utilization.Whether you are looking to enhance your company’s corporate reputation by mitigating environmental effects or at a reduction in your electricity bills, at Ideal power Solutions, we help you get the best ROI with smart energy saving systems.

To most consumers, energy management is often confused with energy saving. Although energy management contributes towards the ultimate goal: energy saving, it typically involves a more complex process. Energy management is the process of measuring and reviewing energy consumption, developing strategies to conserve energy, taking the necessary actions, and gauging the effectiveness of the newly applied measures.

Advantages of Energy Management

The following are some advantages of energy management in homes and places of business:

  • Through energy management you can protect the global environment and save precious non-renewable resources.
  • Significantly reduce operational costs and keep your electricity bill in check
  • Mitigate power outages and experience a consistent and reliable supply of power
  • By monitoring your primary and backup power systems, you can minimize system malfunctions, track the performance, and optimize your power network

According to a report by McKinsey and Company, you could be saving up to 25 to 30-percent in energy costs by implementing an energy management system. Furthermore, such a system, when implemented globally, can reduce the emission of greenhouse gases by 40 percent.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how you can reduce costs, improve profitability and contribute towards reducing the overall dependence on foreign energy supplies in Pakistan.

Energy Management Tips

In the meantime, here are few things you can do to ensure the optimal usage of energy:

  1. Develop energy related goals and efficiency plans
  2. Invest in programmable thermostats or smart controls to save up on cooling, heating, and other associated electrical costs
  3. Switch your light bulbs to new and improved LEDs
  4. Keep up with best practices, track monthly and annual goals.

Use our Power Savings Calculator to find out how much you can save! For more information on energy management, contact our experts!