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Project Design & Execution

Keep Your Project On-Budget & On-Time With IPS

The need for effective power solutions in Pakistan is growing with each passing day. There is also an increase in the need to track real time project details and communicate with different teams, contractors and suppliers.

While the landscape of our industry continues to change, Ideal Power Solutions is determined to lead the way. Our team of professionals is experienced in delivering services including: project design, construction inspection, material management and coordination, and quality control. To further complement our team’s abilities, we use industry leading tools and software.


Poorly installed solar panels can pose plenty of problems in the long run. From an unqualified manufacturer selection to an improper design, there is a lot that can go wrong if your project is not carefully designed and executed. The following are a few challenges commonly experienced by clients; before they got in touch with us:

  • The need for an added power solution
  • Developing a scalable, measurable and robust program that contributes towards lowering the cost of electricity generated and consumed
  • Poor approach to project execution
  • Inability to handle complex projects and meet regulatory compliance requirements

Looking for a team of certified professionals to handle your projects from conception to execution? Get in touch with us!

Our Approach

We combine our engineering experience with rigorous management techniques fueled by innovative technologies and expert opinion.

  • Virtual testing to ensure best performance and reduce design-related errors
  • Increased emphasis on on-site inspection services

Three-Step Project Design & Execution Process

1. Project Briefing

Our three-step project design and execution process begins with conducting an introductory meeting to discuss various aspects of the project. We also present key details such as our recommendations for the project and our plan, and establish a budget and timeline.

2. Planning

Ideal Power Solutions stresses on accurate planning of projects; to ensure that all projects remain on track and on budget. We carefully plan out our installation tasks, respective project timelines and other considerations to promote smooth operations.

3. Inspection

In addition to staying on top of every project requirement and providing you with regular updates, we implement strict quality control measures through the entirety of the project. Once the project has been completed, our team performs a final on-site inspection to ensure that all installations are completed with the highest level of expertise.

Our unique approach to project design and execution focuses on minimizing risks, improving design quality, streamlining the process of execution, and implementing control and safety measures.

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